The III-Implementation Lab

The International Intervision Institute (III) has a built up substantial experience with the workshop approach to finding common ideas about effective spatial solutions for urban problem areas.
Working in group sessions isn´t always the best option. If they fail they do not only imply loss of  time or a simple disillusion. Failing also implies resistance, which might result in postponement of the search for possible better alternatives.
It is therefore important that the right approach is chosen for preparation, implementation, performance and turning the results into an effective itenerary for change.  

The Implementation Lab of III is a professionally organized workshopformula, geared at developing multifunctional and intensive use solutions for problematic urban areas, from preparation to follow up, from investigation, preparation, facilitation, reporting, to the continuation of results into the cities more general strategic development goals.
Important conditions are the general recognition of opportunities and the value of real open dialogue, so that all existing knowledge, interests and creativity can be shown to advantage.

In the case of urban restructuring challenges,  the III Implementation Lab can be an instrument that saves months of time and builds bridges between inspired ambitions of politicians and the legitimate doubts of carefull managers and solid professionals.

In most cases urban redevelopment represents a variety of complexities.
Insiders know how the hares run. Outsiders are ignorant of local pitfalls and are therefore able to observe and think without prejudice and by doing so come up with more unbiased fresh thinking and break-through solutions.
The confrontation of both sides in a well prepared workshop session might bring new insights.

III acts as facilitator for this kind of processes.
The Implementation Lab is the vehicle for creating clarity about the value of the various different inputs, their complementarily and the options for consensus, for channelling these to spatial solutions and planning possibilities and for embedding the results in the executive organisation.
The III Implementation Lab helps achieving successful change.

Confucius: "If I tell you, you will forget, if I show you, you will remember; if I involve you, you will understand".