The International Intervision Institute is a initiative of Haccoû Consulting & Design B.V.

II-I provides commissioned services in the form of:

  • Assessments (analysis, review, evaluation) 
  • Research (quantitative, literature, inter subjective learning)
  • Consultancy (process, decision-making, legal, operationalisation, implementation)
  • Acquisition of resources (capacity, finance, organisation)
  • Strategy development (long term, integrality)
  • Policy (public and private sector initiatives)
  • Financing arrangements (land servicing, project financing, PPPs, public funds, subsidies and sponsoring)
  • Management support (interim management, project management)
  • Lobbying and managing participation processes

Cities may wish to engage the Intervision Institute in order to speed up development processes and bring about breakthroughs, policy initiatives or new projects.

The principles for engagement of II-I are the following:

The client city needs to identify the topical development problem that it wants II-I to work on.

In order to achieve a most effective approach,  the client city and II-I develop together an optimal way of capacity recruitment and cooperation. This cooperation is led down in a contract including all respective responsibilities and tasks.

The participating international and local experts will not exceed 25 in total. The workshop meetings and excursions will be accommodated by the hosting city, that will also take care of the preparatory information and dossiers the selected  study cases.

The results of the II-I activity will be described and be published on the II-I website. They are part of the database of II-I.

The general conditions of Haccoû Consulting & Design B.V. (januari 2009) are applicable to all agreements between The International Intervision Institute and the client.

You can download the terms of delivery as a PDF file here:
Terms of delivery

The International Intervision Institute is a initiative of Haccoû Consulting & Design B.V.
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