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4-7 April 2004 MILUnet Launch Meeting The Hague - The Netherlands

To start up the whole MILUnet operation the Lead Partner, together with the secretariat, organised a Launch Meeting from 4-7 April 2004 in The Hague in the Carlton Beach Hotel in Scheveningen.

Besides discussing a lot of organisational issues, this was also the first try out of the Implementation Lab, the results can be found in the report.
What Habiforum intents to do with the established European - and to a lesser extent global - network of professionals that are involved in MILU related projects, is:

  • Use the option of a pressure cooker session / Implementation Lab to asses MILU project in the Netherlands drawing on the practical expertise in the MILUnetwork
  • The workshop results will be disseminated in the summer school (2006) and the international congress (2007). But apart from that, the findings drawn up in the reports of the Implementation Labs both in terms of content and methodology, are being used in the Habiforum pilot projects, and will be applied in the annual Habiforum congresses.
  • About the case that - the central neighbourhood De Scharnier - a special summarizing report was prepared for the responsible Alderman of The Hague. This report induced the adoption of this central area as pilot project to advance innovative spatial concepts as living above shops and building a second city floor above the existing city centre.
  • This started up an experiment with a bottom–up development process involving the preferences and urgencies of the shop-owners, the inhabitants and users of the city centre as point of departure.

The longer term effects will be that in actually doing innovative things in these projects, the dissemination of the practical knowledge will be furthered effectively.

This mechanism is working in the same way when professionals participate in the Implementation Lab sessions; they learn to apply other approaches and experience how they work and what kind of results they can bring and are tempted in this way to use them in their own projects.


Launch Meeting: Stormy Start at Scheveningen Beach

The Hague
The Hague De Scharnier


English Final Report (2004-april 4-7 Final Launch report The Hague.pdf; 0,5 MB)



The case study area of De Scharnier (between Kalvermarkt and Lange Poten), is a block in a central area of The Hague which currently acts as a barrier between the two important areas of the Parliament and the new City Hall.

At present the block lacks any clear functions. It is bounded by a shopping street and a major public transportation corridor and the interior spaces of the block are currently under-utilised.

Main problems
The area does not have a distinct identity and yet it is an important link between the historic centre of The Hague, the new high rise centre and the city’s central shopping area.
It is unclear whether the concept of ‘De Scharnier’ (or the Hinge) will be one which will actually catch the public imagination.


Main questions being addressed
The key questions are how to:

  • successfully reinvigorate this area;
  • enhance the spatial quality;
  • and create greater connectivity through the block.

What were the debates about?

  • Is the monolithic character of the Ministry of Defence a problem in achieving transparency in the urban fabric?
  • The problem of architecture and connectivity is not the main issue.
  • The strategy of investing The necessity of a large intervention as proposed
  • How to reach a first step to move the owners.

Added value for the host

  • There was no clear host or problem owner who organized this workshop for his/her own benefit.
  • The potential problem owners were present: the municipality may not give this problem priority; the developers may have assessed this project and in light of the complex ownership could have decided that it is not beneficial.
  • The international workshop triggered the start up of a pilot project of Habiforum.