Introduction on reference cases

Reference cases are presented in an Implementation Lab to exchange knowledge that could bear relevance to a study case that was subject of an intervision workshop.
The reference cases provided input for the brainstorm sessions to broaden the perspectives of the participants and to deliver new approaches or spatial concepts that could be useful to help “solve” the problem statement of the study case. Reference cases can be found via the year table or via entering key words in the search field in the left column of the reference case web page. 

Reference cases

Mondadori place is settled in a strategic urban context, at the margin of historical centre of Mantova, very close to an important road from south-west to north of the city where is located the train station. Actually the square is dedicated to bus station. In the north side of the square is located the new Chamber of Commerce building and the reorganisation of the main road with the new "rondò" are completed. The project concern the new settlement of the area with mixed function: transportation services and station (connected with the new bus stops and the train station...

The project studies how to establish different routes to ride by bicycle and to walk, in eleven municipalities, using and recovering parts of the creeks and riverside walkways, the traditional agricultural communication system, and the remaining itineraries of the old train system in the Vega of Granada.The project intends to recover part of the rural net that is used for agriculture in the Vega.
The Vega of Granada is an area that surrounds the capital of the province, it is one of the most fertile zones of Europe. The project has completed the planning of the routes use...

Project information - INTERREG IIIA
Project Study: KOBRA 2010 – Stadt Umland Kooperation Bratislava 2010/
KOBRA 2010 – Urban Regional Cooperation Bratislava 2010

1. General Information
Keywords: Promoting urban, local and coastal development
Region: Austrian/ Slovak border area
Programme strand: Programme: INTERREG IIIA/PHARE CBC Austria-Slovakia 2000-2006
Measure: Cross-border Spatial Development in Rural and Urban Area’s
Priority topic(s): Sustainable Spatial and Environmental...

Collaboration between landowner, local authority and local citizens’ council on new development of contaminated area 

A large plant near the centre of Copenhagen closed, leaving an area, partly contaminated by quick silver, oil and other pollutants. As it would be possible to sell only the non-contaminated parts of the land, the landowner might go down with the rest of it, leaving the problem to the municipality. Thus both parts had a crucial interest in solving the problem. Besides the site was attractive, neighbouring the centre of the capital, and the harbour. The landowner and...

The Old Baths belong in the Municipality of Patras. By restoring the building of the Old Baths we intend to create an exhibition hall in order to serve the city's needs in the aspect of being "Cultural Capital of Europe-2006" The project's main target is to create a modern gallery to shelter the works of young artists as well as photography and sculpture exhibitions. Old Baths building is placed in the middle of the city and it is of historical meaning, it was built in the early 20th century and belongs to the city's architectural inheritance.

This project aims to create an intervention procedure in the ancient Gypsum Mine of Castellón Alto in Galera, Granada. The objective is to consolidate and secure the stonewalls, vaults and domes to enable the rehabilitation of such a space for new uses that will contribute to the development of this municipality through economic promotion in relation with its archaeological and historic relevance.
This Gypsum Mine is an ancient singular quarry excavated in the ground right underneath what nowadays is one of the most important archaeological sites in Andalucia, Castellon...

The city of Lisboa is perched on steep hills overlooking the broad estuary of the Tagus river. The tightly knit street pattern of Alfama constitutes one of the oldest boroughs of the city. It spreads from the castle - which crowns the medieval urban settlement - to the oldest stretch of the commercially developed shoreline.

The Municipality of Lisboa is presently developing an "integrated plan" which directly links the new cruise terminal - situated along the original stretch of the old merchant shoreline - to the surroundings of the historic boroughs of Baixa, Alfama...

Former railway land including railway works buildings became redundant in the 1980's as a consequence of coal mining industry closure.

Strategic town centre land, in a small ex mining community in fragmented land ownership acting as a blockage to growth and progress in the wider town.

Lack of Planning Policy Framework (responsibility of Local Government) to enable comprehensive development growth and investment strategy - seen as a poor place to invest.
Private sector led initiatives were not comprehensive and did not address community need - fierce objection...

The concept of development of the cultural - business center in Yaroslavl city is in study of planning and design. This center is projected by design group "Isograf" from Yaroslavl. I am engaged in designing of ecological cultural - business center of Yaroslavl city as the adviser. This design group uses the book :"Architectural - building ecology" (author - Tetior A.N.) with the purpose of complex application of ecological decisions in the project. The purpose of creation of the center consists not only in an ecologization of the project, but also in demonstration of...

This project comes under the heading of urban reformation – exploitation of areas on a local, small-scale level and concerns interventions in already existing streets of the approved plan for the city of Patras. The project concerns the paving of streets, steps, and pavements with irregular stones as well as the electric lighting of the areas, aiming at their upgrade. More precisely, the project involves the reconstruction of old pavements of 2500 square metres in area, of already existing kerbs reaching a length of 2000m, the paving of streets and steps of 3870 square metres, and...