In the framework of the CUPA programme, the ninth Implementation Lab Workshop was held on Wednesday 9nd till Friday11th December 2015.

GdaƄsk is the ninth-hosting city in a series of the programme called Cooperative Urban Planning Approaches (CUPA).

The CUPA programme is initiated by the Municipal Department 21,- District Planning and Land use and the Municipal Department 27, EU Strategy and Economic Development both of the City of Vienna. These two Municipal Departments work closely with TINA VIENNA Urban technologies and Strategies GmbH, a company of Wien Holding. In terms of the strategy for sharing Vienna’s Urban Technologies with other cities, this programme covers the domain of city development and planning.


The problem statement was formulated as follows:

  • How to set up the key elements enhancing the quality of the public spaces and contribute to the development of whole area; (spatial concept)
  • What are the preferred functions in the designated area (what new features should appear and what you should not enter); (spatial concept)
  • How to create a network of relations (nodes and connections) which will take the full advantage of existing strengths with focus on the proposed new activities in the area; (process)
  • What would be the decision making criteria for the designated area? (process)
  • How to create an Oliwa city centre that exploits the potentials of the area best. (process)


Characteristics of the study case area:
The Study case area  encompases the following functions of main importance for city as a whole:

  • Olivia Business Centre, a dynamic business center which is expanding its facilities while extending attractive interior spaces the same time;
  • Congress Hall "Olivia", once the pride of the city, now struggling with competitive new sports and entertainment facilities spread in metropolis;
  • University Campus, which is the largest university in northern Poland, as the catalyst of development in the whole area;
  • "Alchemy" thriving office and service center of Torus company.

In addition, there are three hypermarkets,a number of smaller commercial and servicecenters, gas stations, Bimet – a production company, a neglected field of recreational area and an orphanage.
Grunwaldzka Avenue which is the Transport Route of metropolitan importance occupies a large area. The off-road parking lots are situated along this Avenue serving the temporary commercials (hypermarkets).
See for further information about the characteristics of the study case area and its context, the separate studycase dossier.


The Final report of the CUPA GDANSK Implementation Lab is available and can be downloaded from this website. (Update: 20th february 2016)



IL-GDANSK-Part-1-Final-report-2015-12-09-till-11-[final].pdf (72,2 Mb)

IL-GDANSK-Part-2-Final-report-Study-case-dossier.pdf (16,6 Mb)


Both files (part 1 and part 2) can be downloaded in this zipfile: (87,2 Mb)