The International Intervision Institute (III) provides expertise and consultancy on behalf of urban governments worldwide. It focuses on
specifically defined spatial and related problems and develops solutions through intervision between local policymakers, practitioners, researchers and other parties involved in urban development and especially selected international expertise from the II-I network.

III operates in the professional and academic fields of spatial planning and knowledge exchange in the broadest sense, including related disciplines such as traffic and transport, environment, ecology tourism, monuments and historic buildings conservation, area development, land use planning, public administration, housing, building and housing policy, social services, planning theory, urban and regional studies, community development and culture management.

City and regional administrations can call on III for the development of integrated policy strategies and their translation into operational plans.
A specific feature of our input is the focus on areas and the correlation between analysis, strategy, operational planning and implementation.
Knowledge of the subject matter is an intrinsic to the III's operations.
Besides the knowledge available in house, we can draw on an extensive national and international network to mobilise and recruit appropriate experts for specific questions.
Spatial development and planning must be informed by and tailored to the specific characteristics of individual regions and areas. Local and international expertise is brought together, compares and focuses on specific solutions.
This recruitment facility can be used in various ways and for different purposes, and is part of III's core business. It is used to link urban or regional development issues to the most appropriate available expertise and to deploy this expertise within the process.
A key element in obtaining a good result is inspiration and enthusiasm in a process of out of the box thinking. An effective means of generating this is by matching good examples and best practices to local responsibilities.
Knowledge transfer on an international scale introduces an extra dimension and added value. 

III is a non profit organisation that operates on a project basis. The fees charged by III are intended solely to cover costs and ensure the Institute's continuity.