JULY 2006 Middelburg - The Netherlands

Dissemination of knowledge is one of the most important issues of the MILU and MILUnet programme. What would be the use of a project like this, if there were no chance that others have a stake in this accumulation of experience?
And who would be a better audience than young urban professionals? People who have finished their education and are on the verge of entering into professional life or already right in the middle of it. For them MILUnet organised a dissemination course in the summer of 2006.
The Roosevelt Academy and the Hogeschool Zeeland in Middelburg (...

4-7 April 2004 MILUnet Launch Meeting The Hague - The Netherlands

To start up the whole MILUnet operation the Lead Partner, together with the secretariat, organised a Launch Meeting from 4-7 April 2004 in The Hague in the Carlton Beach Hotel in Scheveningen.

Besides discussing a lot of organisational issues, this was also the first try out of the Implementation Lab, the results can be found in the report.
What Habiforum intents to do with the established European - and to a lesser extent global - network of professionals that are involved in MILU related projects, is:

  • ...

Implementation Lab - Eindhoven Strijp-S
7–8 MAY 2006 Eindhoven - The Netherlands


  • How do you transform a former Philips site into a unique new urban area?
  • How do you transform sturdy industrial building area into a pleasant walkable and bicable neighborhood where life, work and leisure are well balanced ?

Professionals from the Netherlands and abroad have taken up this challenge.
The publication Strijp-S Eindhoven reports the results of the Intervision Workshop.